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Water – it's a family thing

Southland schoolteacher Jane Milne is appreciative of the many things our local rivers and lakes give to her, though it's water's ability to connect her with family and provide a sense of place that stand out the most.

Jane's relationship with water began early, first with swimming and then through sailing with her family. During the holidays, more often than not, time is spent near or in the water.

"A lot of family holidays are around water. Whether it's gold panning along the river or walking alongside it under the shade of the trees. Water is a connection to spending time with family. I'm now passing that onto my children".

Janes says that water also gives her a connection to place.

"Going to Arrowtown, where my mum is from, and walking along and following the river – it feels special going there."

Jane has noticed a change in some of the local waterways and, along with her family, is taking personal steps to help safeguard them for future generations. "If we see rubbish lying by the river, we pick it up and take it away. It's so important to change our ways.