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Mataura River 360 VR

Posted: Feb 21, 2019.
Running time: 2m 17s.

Follow a kayaker down the Mataura River from ‘mountains to the sea’. Use your camera to turn 360 degrees and check out the surrounding landscapes and activities. (VR video) Hear from some of the students at Southland’s Enviroschools on what’s important to them about our waterways.

Tools for monitoring your stream health

Posted: Jul 05, 2018.
Running time: 1m 04s.

Check out how to do a Rapid Habitat Assessment.

Good management practices - how-to and in-action

Posted: Aug 24, 2016.
Running time: 4m 36s.

Check out DairyNZ’s handy video on three steps to Riparian planting.

Posted: Oct 13, 2014.
Running time: 5m 44s.

Chris & Lynsey Stratford from Tokanui, Southland, run one of New Zealand's most southernmost dairy farms. The Stratford’s have been on the farm since 2009 and converted it from a sheep to a dairy farm. From day one, sustainability was a big focus. They’ve completed waterway fencing, riparian planting and effluent management. There was no stock water system when they arrived on farm, so they installed a stock water system for the entire farm. They worked closely with Landcare Research, the Department of Conservation, Environment Southland, Fish & Game and the QE2 trust to fence waterways properly, and planted 10,000 trees, plants and vegetation for the coastal environment.

Find out more about different waterbody types and some of the things we measure